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What does High On Life mean to me?


For me “High on Life” is a feeling. The words are just a verbal description of an internal sensation. It is a sense of heightened perceptions. I can best describe it as a feeling of internal glow radiating outwards onto the world from within. It’s the feeling that you get when you go skydiving, after the initial rush as you’re safely coasting to the ground. It’s a feeling of presence of nowness. Of accepting and fully enjoying the present moment. Being in the flow. In a current of inspiration.  It’s a feeling of watching the sunrise in a foreign country. It’s the butterflies you get when you meet a beautiful girl and share a connection, a spark. It’s a feeling of serenity and peace, a heightened sense of awareness. It’s a vibration of gratitude and love. A knowing that you are doing exactly what you are meant to be doing in this place and time. A sense of freedom. An appreciation of beauty.

For me it’s the powerful emotion of these combined sensations. The videos and the tank tops are just bright anchors that serve as reminders of this feeling that I try to cultivate in my life.