Vietnam Voyage: Da Nang

To Qui Nhon!

It was a good distance away but still a decent sized city so we trekked all day and made it there before sundown. It was a nice hotel room: two rooms with two beds each, nice amenities, a couple fridges and a balcony overlooking the city. It was dope. Cost us a pretty penny too. And unfortunately I left my full moon party shirt to dry on the balcony overnight, but by morning the wind had blown it off the edge, never to be recovered. The next morning we got a complimentary breakfast, then continued our journey to Da Nang.

Da Nang

Half a day of driving and we finally arrived in Da Nang. It’s a huge friggin city! Driving these intersections and roundabouts was crazy. We found a hotel and booked for two nights. Apparently there are supposed to be mega fireworks in two nights time, and the entire city was booked solid. We parked our bikes underground and got settled in.

Performer at the OQ

Performer at the OQ

Oriental Queen Club

That night Ryker, Max and I decided to go out and party so we went to Oriental Queen. Max paid too much to the cabby so he chased him down while Ryker and I went in. The place was massive! It was almost like a rave but nobody was really dancing, just standing around tables drinking and snacking on fruit. There was a big stage with a DJ in the center of the room, and after a while some chick came out and started singing. It was a good party though. Ryker and I got two expensive beers (everything is expensive) and danced a little bit where we were standing. Then a group of guys beside us started offering us shots. That was the turning point. More beer showed up, I was eating everyone else’s fruit platters and I must have put back at least half a bottle of Chivas Regal. Not to mention we were half cut when we got there.

Getting silly at the club

Getting silly at the club

Max’s Story

He caught up to the cabby to get his change back but the cabby decided to take advantage of him, so he told Max that he hadn’t paid ENOUGH yet. Max couldn’t believe it and started arguing with the driver. Then, as to be expected, the locals all started crowding around and now Max is screwed. So to avoid having his teeth kicked in, he pays the jerk even more money. So shitty.

Anyways Ryker, Max and I are just a little drunk at this point and our bill comes. It has a few more drinks on it than what we ordered, so it would seem as though, our “friends” beside us let us lighten the load of their bill. It would’ve been fine if we’d known in advance but they just dropped it on us out of the blue. So we paid our bill and headed home.

The next day was very relaxed. We hung out in our room all morning, flipped through some channels until DragonballZ came on, and we watched that for a while. It was really nice.

The Search For A New Dwelling

We tried to just stay an extra day and not pack our stuff (turns out the fireworks were a day later than we were initially told). So at 4pm we got a phone call telling us to get the hell out by 5. We tried to make a deal but the entire bloody city was booked solid. So, lucky for us, we got to spend rush hour in this massive Vietnamese city driving in circles with our bags on our bikes, asking every hotel in a 10km radius if they had a room for four. None of them did. It was both exhausting and exasperating.

Boom Boom Parlour

We split into pairs to search the city. If anybody found something, they were to call the other team immediately. Ryker and I turned up nothing, but Russia and Max came through with a nice place to accommodate us. It was only a few blocks from the main drag, it had underground parking for our bikes, two little rooms for us with big bathrooms, very friendly young female staff, and massage tables for beds… Our hotel was a massage parlour. Too funny. Rush and I kinda had cots, but Ryker and Max slept on legitimate massage tables. And the girls there were giving us a bit more attention then we wanted, they kept coming into our room. It was awkward.

Russia also gave us his one day notice that he was no longer going to be riding with us. He had purchased a train ticket to Hanoi without telling us. But he had shit to do online and needed to sit in one place for a couple days, so we couldn’t blame him. We edited Waxi Maxi that night and went to a gaming café to upload the video. Then went to bed.

Here’s the video of Max getting a full body wax. It’s pretty awesome, you should check it out. Warning: not for the squeamish.