Top 10 Things To Do In Cambodia

Based on our travels through Cambodia, we’ve put together a Top 10 Things To Do list. These activities are based on our own experiences in the country, and therefore may differ from other people’s lists. So without further ado and in no particular order:


1. Shooting Range


There are several places throughout Cambodia where you can let off some steam and fire some automatic weaponry. And compared to North America or Europe, it’s quite affordable. There are many guns to choose from and no limit to how long you feel like hanging out. They even sell beer and water at some of them. Otherwise you’re welcome to bring your own. Now depending on the shooting range, you might be able to get your hands on some even bigger, deadlier weapons. Sentry guns and rocket launchers are available for use if you’ve got a couple hundred bucks to spend. Not only that, but you have different target options available as well. You can shoot at old vehicles until they blow up or you can bring your own propane tanks. The staff will show you how to use your weapons so that you are safe but there aren’t too many laws in place that limit what you can and can’t do.


2. Rent Motorbikes

7294459730_da229f910b_kA common thing to do anywhere in S.E. Asia is rent motorbikes. In Cambodia you can rent them for as low as $4/day. The rules of the road here (or lack thereof) are quite unique so take it slow and be smart. Motorbikes/scooters are not difficult to operate, even for a first timer, and are an excellent means to get around. But if you get a ding or a scratch on it, you can expect to get charged a lot of money upon return. Which brings me to my next point: don’t give them your passport. Most rental places will demand it, but you can usually find a way around it (other identification cards, a big cash deposit…etc). Basically if they have your passport, they have complete power over you.


3. Play Pool7300367282_1b6685524a_k

There are so many bars and restaurants with pool tables, you’re basically guaranteed to get some playing time throughout your trip to Cambodia. We encourage you to partake whenever you can; it’s fun, it’s a great way to meet people, and you’ll be able to watch your skills improve quickly. If you get really good, you might even consider challenging some little kids. I’m not even joking, they’re surprisingly good! We made a wager on our game that if we lost we’d buy a bunch of bracelets off of them. Needless to say, our wrists were well decorated that evening.


4. Special Happy Pizza

happypizza6There are a few places around Cambodia that have it, but Siem Reap is the main city that you will see signs advertising “Special Happy Pizza”. I’m not going to tiptoe around the topic; you’re likely to come across it so you might as well know about it. It’s pizza with marijuana cooked into it. It tastes just like any pizza would, it’s delicious, there are many kinds to choose from, but if you eat enough, it’ll get you stoned. Choosing to partake in it is completely up to you. We do not encourage the consumption of marijuana, but it’s still a popular tourist attraction, so it made the list. To feel the effects, you will likely have to have several slices, one or two may not suffice.


5. Fishing in the Mekong7300109634_e7f7ebd3fa_k

Fishing’s not for everyone but if you have the patience and desire for it, give it a whirl. The Mekong is a big, dirty river, but it’s got lots of fish and lots of fishermen. We had brought a rod along with us on our journeys but you can pick up fishing supplies anywhere. If you really want to get adventurous, you could get some nets and try fishing as the locals do. Unfortunately we have no experience or advice on how that’s done. It just looked interesting.


6. Snorkeling

7300219478_2b07065442_kOn the southern coast of Cambodia there are many boat trips that offer snorkeling tours, and if you haven’t experienced underwater life in S.E. Asia, this is a must. The water is beautiful, and there are some super cool and exotic fish to see. Bananas are good to have with you, as they will attract lots of fish to you, and make sure you pack your GoPro or underwater camera. It’s worth it.


7. Bamboo IslandBamboo_Island_Koh_Russei

If you want to get off the beaten path for a day or two, we recommend checking out an island tour. From the beaches in Sihanoukville, you can take a half hour boat ride to a nearby island called Bamboo Island. There are very few people around and it is a very peaceful and relaxing place. Great place to escape to, there are a couple bungalows and even a bar and restaurant. Don’t expect much activities on Bamboo Island, there’s not a lot going on, but for the beautiful water and the incredible soft sandy beaches, this is a great getaway trip.


8. Booze Cruise

7300200202_3a2b4674a6_kOn Otres Beach, Sihanoukville, there is occasionally a booze cruise day tour offered to tourists. Well it’s offered to anybody, but only tourists go for it. This is the best way to see all the cool things a boat trip has to offer. There might be some cool spots to snorkel or fish, they take you to an island for lunch usually and the boat itself is full of party people and loud music. It’ll cost around 15-20 bucks and they supply all the beer and food.


9. Casinos


In the heart of Sihanoukville (southern Cambodia) there are several tourist hotspots. So naturally, wherever there are lots of people, there will be attractions to cater to them. Casinos are definitely on the list. With several different casinos to choose from, locals and foreigners alike can go test their luck at blackjack, roulette, poker, and other various gaming machines. What really intrigued us about our time here was that they also have tables of food laid out throughout the day that you can walk up to and serve yourself. For no cost. As long as you’re in the casino gambling (you have to be gambling of course) you get free food and even a couple pints of beer. A person could really get used to this.


10. Jet Skiing

jet-skiSihanoukville is on the southern coast of Cambodia and is home to the best beaches Cambodia has to offer. If you walk along Serendipity Beach (main tourist beach) you will be approached by several men offering jet ski rentals. The prices are competitive since there will be several people offering it along the beach so there’s room to barter. If you’re lucky, you can get it down to about $40 an hour for a jet ski. For some of the more adventurous folk, kite surfing and wind surfing is also available. The beach is beautiful and needless to say the water’s beautiful too. We highly recommend indulging in some of these water activities.