Breathtaking Drive to Tofino (Surfer's Paradise)

When people think of surfing, they think Hawaii, California, Australia... all hot and/or tropical places. Well, we went out to find some good surfing waves up in Western Canada... and we did it in the cold season... in FALL. 


The thing about driving to Tofino, is that no one really tells you what the drive is like. But the drive is a gorgeous scenic ride through lush, dense forest.  And at this time of year (October), the trees change colour to create a beautiful array of oranges and yellows. Some of the best footage from this trip was actually taken during the transit to our destination. Guess it IS all about the journey... ;)


 The road to Tofino is very windy. It goes up and down in elevation, and the road is surrounded by trees and nature. If you're anything like us, you might find yourself stopping a few times to take it all in. Especially if you've got a camera or a drone. A three-hour drive turned into five hours pretty seamlessly. 

W arrived in Tofino late in the evening, and luckily, were set up with a beautiful lodge to stay in. Long Beach Lodge provided accommodations for us, and we couldn't have been happier with it.  


Next day, we stopped in the Long Beach Surf Lodge to get suited up, boarded up, and even a few lessons for those of us who needed them. They also offer rentals and storage. Now I'll be the first to admit, we're not the best surfers. But we are keen, driven, open-minded, and up for a challenge. 

I'll spare you the details and link you to the video, where you can watch for yourself, and experience Tofino the way we experienced it.