Steve Aoki Concert, End of Thailand

More T-Shirt Biz

We went back to the mall a few days later to check on our samples but they got the colour scheme wrong. So we showed them what to change/fix and we returned the following day.

IMG_0106The logos looked cool and we were happy with them when we returned to the tank top place. But with enough crinkling, the logo creased, cracked and showed substantial wearing. They assured us it was because it was done very recently and that if it had a couple of days to dry and set it would be fine. It made sense to us, so we believed them. The Mirror Store guy didn’t hardly put any effort into our shirts so we dropped him. Maybe he was too busy, maybe he just didn’t care, but either way, it showed. The glow shirt looked pretty cool but we had a couple ideas on how to make it a bit better. So in two days, all the shirts will be good to go. Which is good because in three days we leave the country. All 1,200 tags are good to go as well and have been delivered to the appropriate shops.


Steve Aoki Concert


Parker got an eyeful of champagne

Later that night, while out for thai soup dinner, we randomly saw our buddy Chris from Laos. He told us about the Aoki concert tomorrow night for 900 Baht ($27). We were so down. So we got all the info we could from him and were ready to go to see DJ Aoki the next night.

The next day was a computer day. Rush working on his stuff and the 101 Slaps video, I was working on all our Flickr images. By the way, we have a lot. But towards evening we got ready to head out, and met Taylor and Riley, who wanted to come with us. So the four of us left.

Rush and I had some Changs and a mickey of Sangsom each before we entered to club. Then we got some free Heinekens inside too. Rush wanted to meet some ladies so we walked around the room and chatted with a few. But when it came close to Aoki time, we went to the front of the stage. Prime spots for the show.

I couldn’t have been closer or more center stage. Rush was a few people to the right, also front row. Aoki had great energy and his show was rowdy. Turbulence was nuts! Warp was nuts! And he dropped some Knife Party tracks too, which are rowdy as hell. I caught three water bottles that he threw into the crowd, and gave them all away. Guess I didn’t need them. He busted out this big inflatable boat, got us to crowd surf it above our heads, then he jumped from the second story onto it. It was sick. He sprayed like four bottles of champagne at the crowd. He threw buckets of ice water at us too. Needless to say, everyone was soaked. Like proper soaked. When Rush and I could last no longer, I jumped on stage and did a backflip for Steve before getting dragged offstage by the bouncers. Funny enough, I didn’t get kicked out or anything, just taken off stage. It was SO worth it!

Thank you Steve Aoki, your concert rocked!

We went home wasted and passed right out. I was so sweaty on the way home, even the ladyboys wouldn’t touch me.

NoStunNo Stun Guns 🙁

So Um (receptionist at our hostel) went to the post office for me with my stun guns but she returned with them too. Apparently they wouldn’t ship them. Something about illegal, something about airports… Oh well, Russia and I have to make a stun gun video tomorrow now. Still, I’m sad I can’t have them at home. We didn’t do too much for the last two days of Bangkok but we got the stun gun video filmed and it was awesome. P.S. The tongue was a bad idea.

At 8pm that night, we caught our flight out of Thailand. Once and for all!

I was pissed though cause I forgot to take out my DS and/or my new little Sony music player that I bought for $10 in Laos. Luckily the first flight was Emirates to Dubai so entertainment was good. I watched Family Guy, Modern Family, Man on a Ledge and Sherlock Holmes 2. I listened to Metallica and drank a couple glasses of red wine. I just love international flights!