Spiritual Healing

This week we have Alissa Hansen joining us on the podcast. Not only is she a great friend of everyone here at High On Life, but she was the life partner of Ryker Gamble for 5 years prior to his passing. Ryker is one of the founding members of High On Life, and one of the greatest men we've ever known.
We invited Alissa to join us because she's got a powerful story to tell and some helpful insights for anyone else who has gone through or is currently going through grief, depression, or hard times. 
In this podcast, she shares her thoughts and feelings on many aspects of her life; like what it was like to date a social media star, and what her life was like after the accident. We shared many great laughs and many deep moments in our conversation and we really applaud her courage and strength as she boldly takes on this new chapter in her life.
It was such an honour to have you Alissa.
We love you so much!