Podcast With HeyNadine

Nadine Sykora (more affectionately known as Hey Nadine) didn’t know she would become who she is today when she first started documenting her adventures in New Zealand back in 2010. She wanted to be there because of her interest in Lord Of The Rings, among other things.
Now, with over 50 countries visited, she has an incredibly dialed-in travel business and continues to inspire men and women around the world. Her long journey from YouTube sketch comedy artist to YouTube travel vlogger and now a major player in the travel influencer space has been inspirational to many people, including us here at High On Life. In fact, she was the one who told us about working with travel brands in the first place!
On the podcast today, we covered as much as we could; everything from varsity golf to solo travel safety tips, and even tips on how to achieve YouTube fame (hint: it’s possible, but not quick).
We were so excited to have her share knowledge on many aspects of the travel world.
Thanks to Nadine for being a great friend of High On Life's!