Out of Goa: Off to Chandigarh

Day 5 – Last day in Goa


Woke up again at dawn, that makes 5 days straight (I guess it takes some time to adjust to the other side of the world for the first time). We chilled for a bit, went to the beach one last time, and took some more pictures of stuff. We went to the battle arena to do some documentation stuff but nobody was ready to go at dawn when we had originally planned to do it, so we did it closer to sunset. Which was equally as pretty, except there were a bunch of people there at sunset, which really cramped my style.

Market   At night we rode out to get burgers at this burger joint that Arjun said was pretty good. Ryker got a Toblerone milkshake which was sub-par at best. The burgers sucked, and the service was worse; so we left a shitty tip and peaced out. By the time we got to the market to buy some pretty things for our girls at home, they were all shutting down, so we just headed back to the villa. We packed our bags that night and chilled before bed.


Day 6 – Feb. 3 – Off to the Mansion

At 4am, we were up and about, doing the last bit of tidying. We said our last goodbye to Shanker and got in the cab. We flew from Goa to Mumbai (Bombay) then from Mumbai to Chandigarh. The flights were short and sweet.

Arjun’s family’s driver rolled up in a ballin Audi Q7 and we started driving. It was almost 2 hours driving from IXC to the Malik’s abode. And there was a lot to see in that time! The driving is just as hectic but the roads are way bigger and there are way more people on them than in Goa. We are completely the center of attention here and I’m not sure if it’s more to do with our vehicle being 20 times the price of the next nicest car on the roads or the fact that it’s got 3 white guys in the back. People here, especially the children, find us extremely intriguing, and love to stare. Which is totally understandable since the only other white person we saw was an albino Indian lady. We past hundreds of monkeys on the drive and we hit a cow. Hahaha well we only just clipped her but it was definitely her fault. When we finally got there, a man standing on guard duty had to let us in. This place is so sick! We are the 1% here. I’m not even gonna write about it, just look at the pictures.

Living2 We could get used to this.LivingRoom