Music Mondays: High On Life Sound!

Hey friends, we’ve recently started a new YouTube channel dedicated to finding new and awesome music that we love and want to share with you! Its called HIGH ON LIFE SOUND, and we’d love it if you subscribed. We’re posting new stuff twice a week so you can get a dose of our feel good jams all the time.

This weeks playlist is the first of its kind and is the first 8 tracks from our new channel. A lot of this music has influence from Australia and the Uk, and some of the artists are not “famous”… yet! One of our goals with starting this channel is to help up and coming producers get more exposure and eventually hosts events that one day become Festivals! Yes, we like to dream big over here at High on Life – but why not right?

Enjoy the beats and SUBSCRIBE!

Dj Ramble

High On Life Sound Playlist: