Making Clothing (Back to Bangkok)

The bus rides from Vang Vieng to Bangkok sucked. The first one had no air conditioning and I was stinky and sweaty in the back of the stuffy bus. I felt bad for

This is our "go-to" hostel when we go to Bangkok

This is our “go-to” hostel in Bangkok

sitting next to the people I was sitting next to. I’m sure the girl beside me was grossed out. Then again, she was just as sweaty. Anyways, the bus rides were lame and the border was lame. Oddly enough, Rush and I got through without doing anything, but the other three had to pay. I still don’t know why that is. We arrived at our hostel, Nap Park at 6 or 7am.

I’m not exactly overjoyed to be back in Bangkok for the next 10 days, but it’s nice that we know the area and how things work around here. Bangkok is familiar to us now.

Sometimes you just gotta

Sometimes you just gotta

We hit Khao San road a few times and grabbed Subway and McDonalds. Although pricey compared to street food, that stuff tasted gooood. Luke bought a stun gun, and it was fun to play with, but we found it wasn’t strong enough, so I went and bought a bigger one. The only thing is, it’s completely illegal in Canada. If we’re gonna play with them, it’ll have to be in Thailand. So we’ve got just over a week left. I still looked into shipping one home…

T-Shirt Business

Clothing tower in Bangkok

Clothing tower in Bangkok

We took a cab to Baiyoke 2 Tower, which is a good mall to get large orders of clothing wholesale. We walked around the multiple levels of this mall for a few hours, admiring the funky Thailand clothing we came across. We ended up speaking to four companies:

  1. Full Moon style tank tops and shorts. Bright neon colours with HighOnLife and SFZ logos on them. Guys and girls shorts.
  2. Glow shop – Glow text shirts. We used the SFZ Lion
  3. Mirror – This guy makes sick designs that cover the whole shirt basically.
  4. Tags – Inspired by SFZ, 100% Awesome. HighOnLife.

We were willing to drop at least two grand on this clothing stuff. But we need to come back in about five days so they can have samples ready.  Two thousand dollars will get you a pretty huge bundle of clothes in Thailand. All the companies seemed pretty cool, but we really didn’t know what to expect. We’ll have to wait and see.


Goodbye Surprise

That night Max and Luke show up having just purchased train tickets to Koh Tao. So Ryker ran off to get some too. Then we went and woke up Russia. He was hesitant to leave at the drop of a hat and to leave me behind, but I ensured him that I was fine on my own and that I would not be going.

My Rationale:

I didn’t want to pack up all my shit to get on a train for hours and transfer to a boat only to have to come back three days later doing the same process. Plus I’ve already been there, Max and Luke haven’t. Don’t get me wrong, I love Koh Tao. Way more than Bangkok. But it’s easier to stay, it’s cheaper to stay, and we leave from here anyways.

So an hour later I was on my own, by myself in Bangkok, and quite excited for the opportunity.


Solo Day 1


Worst movie ever.

I didn’t do too much today, or any other day for that matter. Spent a lot of time on FaceBook and Gmail. Played a lot of video games and wrote in this here book. Chris, Tom and Daz showed up the next day though so I had friends around the whole time.

The lobby here at NapPark plays movies all day so I got to watch Toy Story 3, Ong Back, Kung Fu Panda 2 and Barely Legal. Which is such a garbage movie. Basically a cheesy teen-movie porno but only breasts and suggestive scenes. It really sucked. The girls were hot but the movie will make you cringe.

Chillin With the English Boys

Chris, Tom and Daz were going out tonight for drinks and stuff, so I went with them. I wanted to be thrifty so I bought a mickey of Sangsom and Sprite. We watched Formula1 (Schumacher won) then went over to Shamrocks and watched Rugby. After a while I left and went home. No reason for me to stay out.

Russia Returns (with Luke)

I was sitting outside with some newly acquired friends, playing cards. I learned at least three new card games: Shithead, Sevens and some other one (I forget the name). I also taught them crazy eights. Rush and Luke showed up so I stopped playing cards. Luke had to catch a plane at 7:30am and the hostel had no room for him, so we pulled an all-nighter and got kinda drunk. Then we paid a tuk tuk driver to drive us around for a while, while we drank. When we got back to Khao San, Rush went to bed and Luke and I met up with Levi, Osha and Sarah again. I ran into Dimitri and made friends with Timm and Nadine. At 4am I took Luke to the cab and said goodbye. Then I went back to Khao San. Ended up staying out until 8am. I was quite tired when I got home.

Got up the next day and Rush and I went back to Bayoke 2 to check on our shirts.