Lima Peru

First things first when we got into Peru: All you can eat buffet! This was a crucial stage in our education of Peruvian alimentation. We ate as much ceviche and drank as much Pisco as we could get our hands on. Most dishes were something you’d see at nice restaurants at home, but everything had that Peruvian twist. Different spices, different flavour profiles… Delicioso!

We had the opportunity to go surfing for like $10 here, so we made sure to take advantage of it. The waves were pretty good on the coast of Lima. Too bad we all suck at surfing. You better believe we tried though. Still an awesome experience, and we recommend it to everyone who hasn’t surfed yet..

Other notable adventures in Lima were dancing, eating, shopping, catacombs, eating, backflips, water fountain laser-light show, and eating. If we haven’t made it clear yet, food is unbelievable in Peru. They also have crazy drinks, like toad juice blended with quail eggs, or tiger milk with hot sauce in it. Both of which are supposedly aphrodisiacs, but we feel like that’s just a myth…