Birthday, Bungee, & Boating!

 Today we are celebrating our friend's birthday with some fun adventures for the whole family. Supposing the whole family likes bungee jumping and wake surfing...

This is Zach. He parties.

Our buddy Zach (@downtofilm) turned 22 this year, and he wanted to get the boys out to do some exhilarating activities in BC. What's more thrilling than jumping off a bridge over a rushing river with jagged rocks?!

...Not much.

Well when it comes to bungee jumping in BC, Whistler is the place to be. That rhymed... unintentional. We headed up to Whistler bungee, signed our lives away, and prepared for our jumps. With the help of a film crew and some quality camera gear, we got some pretty epic shots of it all.


 Although traffic was a bit heavy that day, we had somewhere to be for the next leg of the day's activities: our buddy's boat.

Our other friend Jacob offered to take us out for some good old-fashioned wake surfing and cliff jumping along the Indian Arm river. Approximately 100% of us were down! We'd already been out with Jacob before on his boat, so we knew it was going to be a good time. 

We ripped around for a few hours until it started getting dark out, and then sadly, we had to call it quits. But from start to finish, we had a pretty jam-packed day of fun. And we would like to share it with you!