Greece! What a Gong Show!!!

Sundayfundayz came to this country not knowing what to expect. I personally had been told by many people that this place would be full of wonderful people, food, scenery, night life and beaches! To date, they couldn’t have been more correct.

We flew into Athens from Prague and took an expensive taxi to the city’s core. After arriving at our hotel, Russia, Ryker and I went out for a traditional Greek lunch at the base of the Acropolis. In broad daylight we passed a man shooting a needle into his arm. It was f*cked. My first impression of Athens was that it was big, dirty and full of an extremely diverse population.

Standing in front of the House Of Zeus!

After exploring Athens on our own for a couple days, we met up with our new Contiki group and began our Greek Island Hopping Tour. The first few days were full of exploring ancient ruins such as the House of Zeus, the Acropolis/the Parthenon, getting to know our new friends and hanging out at our hotels rooftop pool bar.

On the ferry from Athens to Mykonos

The first island we set sail for was Mykonos. We pulled up to our beach front resort and were checked into our room which was equip with a pool side balcony. Life was tough! This island provided scenic view after scenic view. Our guide Eddie recommended a few activities that we could take part in so we had a plethora of outings to choose from. The first adventure we went on was to hike up Aphrodite’s Boobs. These were two humungous rock formations that stood out of the ocean. We got to the top, took some videos and I noticed a sea turtle swimming in the ocean below! We quickly took advantage of the situation and scaled the steep rock walls and jumped into the sea to swam with the turtle!

Ryker and I throwing rocks into the ocean!

Next we took the high speed ferry to the volcanic island of Santorini. This island was superb. Its famous for its white buildings with blue roofs littering its mountain sides. It is definitely a place you need to go to with a girlfriend. We rode donkeys up the mountains side, had many dinners overlooking crazy sunsets and chilled out in Oia! This was by far the most relaxing Island we visited.

Santorini Sunset!

When we arrived at out hotel in Ios, we were promptly taken to our resort which looked over Far Out Beach. This place was crazy beautiful. We were told that this was an island “full of young tourists and a crazy party environment”. I’d have to say that this statement was 100% correct. The first few days were full of crazy social events, driving ATV’s, pirate boat cruises, hanging out at the pool, going to bars, dinners and clubs. The day I was most excited for was the third day on the island, July the 18th. This is the day I turned 24. I casually woke up after a saucy night and took the shuttle bus to the beach where I consumed a huge lunch to prepare for the day to come. One drink, two drink, three drink… Ahhh… My new friends as well as the other Sundayfundayz boys bombarded me with celebratory beverages. We then walked across the road to the beach and duck taped the GoPro Camera onto Parkers head in preparation for “Mach 2 Extreme Tubing”. This was absolutely insane. We all ended up being bucked off the tubes within the 25 minute experience. After the final dinner on this mental island, we hit the clubs. What a gongshow.

Tubing On My Birthday!

These four places blew my mind (especially the islands). They were all quite different from one another and provided everyone who was accompanying us while traveling with something to do. Greece was one of my top three countries I have visited this far and I will definitely be adventuring back there sometime soon!