Goa India: Days 3-4

The boys had some issues with mosquitoes last night but it was a good sleep otherwise (the beds are still kinda hard). Oh yeah, I took my first sky dump today in one of those ‘hole-in-the-floor toilets’. It was definitely more fun than a regular toilet. I want to sky dump everyday!


So I couldn’t take money out of the ATM today, and still no news of my iPhone from the airport. I’m definitely starting to get that “stranded/uncomfortable feeling”. But we scooted around for awhile, went past Anjuna beach, bought some bracelets, you know, the usual. On the way back, we hit the liquor store. We got beer, hards and Redbull. I also made the purchase of the century: a bottle of McDowell’s whiskey, for 200 rupees. That’s less than five bucks, so cheap! I definitely got what I paid for though… #enginecleaner

Pre-drink that night was fun, bumped some tunes for a bit then we all piled into a van cab. The driver took us to Bagador beach…

As Parkers recollection of the evening's events diminished, his power levels and rate of evolution up the dinosaur scale increased proportionately. The night took on the kind of twist only acceptable in the third world. This included yelling “Masala Choot” or “Spicy Vagina” at all passersby, rugby tackling old Indian women on the beach, fighting shopkeepers, attempting to block oncoming traffic and in general, just going super sayan. Despite all this, we all actually managed to stay out of Indian jail and even met a couple of attractive Russian girls, whom we partied with the following night.    – Russia

Day 4

I passed right out last night, but this morning… nobody slept well. Ryker and Namik were snoring hard, Arjun was puking/dry heaving while pooping, and Russia and I were just tossing and turning I guess. I actually made conversation with every single person before 7 am today. I eventually got up and wandered outside, thoughts of falling back asleep now completely gone. When I looked out at the water, I saw a lone figure sitting cross-legged on the beach. It was Russia. So I ran down to see him. He had already done like a 3k jog and the two of us went for a stroll. We found a sick “structure” (for lack of a better word) made of brick. It was like an ancient battle arena or something. At least that’s how we pictured it. It probably wasn’t… Either way, I sense a video coming.


Anyways, Rush and I decided to go for a scoot after that, check out the lay of the land, and while turning out onto the road, my wheels peeled out a little and I ripped a chunk of flesh off my big toe. I didn’t bail though. Nevertheless it was such a pretty ride! When we got back, Ryker and Juna were at the internet cafe, so we joined them. Our host dude, Shanker, is a pretty good cook, but I don’t know what the hell happened with breakfast. We had about 20 hard boiled eggs and untoasted bread with butter. Kind of a let down. After brekky, we went scooting some more. We saw Aguada jail and this other abandoned prison that is now a tourist site. Although everyone there were brown tourists… Arjun came insanely close to driving off a little cliff Prisonthat would have caused him serious damage (and maybe the loss of a limb). On the way back, he got a flat tire and spent some time fixing it.  We’re at the internet cafe right now and I literally just watched a dog get pissed off at a cow and chase it away. I think this dog belongs to the cafe, he’s always in and around here. And he’s a real prick. He chases scooters when they drive by. Fairly intimidating. What’s that you say? Does he bark at me? Goodness no, he friggin loves me.


So we regroup back at Pinto Villa, to figure out our next moves for the afternoon. There’s a burger place that Arjun wants us to go to, and I think everyone’s keen on driving out to try and find the two Russian girls from last night.  Whatever the case, we got some booze, and Namik started drinking. So around like 5:30 we all scoot out (except Namik who is too drunk to drive). We took a nice scenic route this time and ended up finding the Russian girls’ hotel. So we parked ourselves at the restaurant across the street and waited. Sure enough we spot them at the end of our meal and Russia goes and chats them up. They seem interested in hanging out but they’re pretty flaky. While waiting for them, 5 mins turns to 10 mins, which turns to 15 mins… long story short, we left to go to Curlies at Anjuna beach.

We were much less inebriated this time and it was earlier in the evening, so when we got there it was bumpin! Flashing lights, heavy tribal house music and hundreds of drugged up hippies on the beach. It was like being at Shambhala all over again. In fact I even commented that it looked very similar to the Pagoda stage at Sham. However, while we were there, the Russian girls started calling so we had to decide whether to forget the Russians and stay where the party was good, or risk it and go find them and bring them back to our place.  We chose to risk it and find them and thank god we did because Namik was drunk and kept beaking Arjun about the dumbest shit. They were yapping at each other in Hindi half the time but it was pretty clear to me who was being the jackass. It seemed like he just wanted nothing more than to get into a fight with somebody and he focused his attention on his “friends” first.

So we all took off on our scooters and headed to the Russians place and we found them. Step 1 complete. Now we just need Rush to convince them to come back to our place, which isn’t the easiest thing with Namik and Arjun fighting and yelling obscenities. But sure enough Russia pulls through and we all take off back to our place. It was pretty rowdy convoying these foreigners across Goa in the dark. We got a little bit lost once or twice but it was all good. So we setup our pad for party times (booze, tables, chairs, cards, music) and the party begins. Holy shit! We can say fewer than 10 words in Russian and they can say fewer than 20 in English so this language barrier is almost impenetrable… almost 😉 Needless to say, we had a wonderfully exciting night. Drinking game of choice: Ride the bus (or slight variation of). The three girls were Sveta, Jenia and Marina. We had a really fun night and there was lots of laughter. Russia became exhausted from translating all night. Oh yeah, there were so many freakin languages flying around at some points. There was literally English, French, Russian, Hindi, and little bits of Spanish all spoken within like 60 seconds. And it’s making me crave learning new languages. I’d like my Hindi vocabulary to be a little broader than “Masala Chai.” We did a late night swim with the girls and around 4am, the party ended and we went to bed.