First real international gig!

While playing at our Hostel bar “Wish you were here” in Sihanoukville, a guy asked me to play at his Drum n Bass night down the beach at a bar called Oocha… My first gig in Cambodia!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Oocha is unlike most clubs and bars in Vancouver, they have a few rules that are never to be broken by the djs. Firstly, drum and bass / dubstep are the only genres allowed to be played. Secondly, if someone in the bar hears a top40/mainstream song, everyone in the bar gets free beer… so with that in mind, the djs are never allowed to play anything mainstream. It’s a little hilarious for me because, while djing at Ceilis Van for the past year, mainstream music is all i’ve learned to play.

I managed to get a few crates of songs together that figured would be deemed acceptable, though there were a few times when the owner shook his head at me… once while playing a Rusko track and again when I mashed Teach me how to Dougie into Bass Head. All in all, the dance floor was packed with friends that i had met on a booze cruise the day before, got tons of positive feedback from randoms, and had a big grin on my face the entire night!

Here are the links to my Facebook page and Soundcloud account… This is where il post about more gigs i get while travelling, you can also download my hour long sets and remixes there!

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