Contiki Tour In Thailand!!

Back to Thailand!


We’re teaming up with Contiki again, and THIS time, we’re doing THAILAND!! Needless to say we’re incredibly pumped about it and it’s going to be a super-mega-awesome good time. We will be meeting up and traveling with 15 other content creators (bloggers, vloggers, writers etc) and we’ll be making some really rad videos along the way. This will be our third time in Thailand so we know how to do it in style now 🙂 Here’s a little debriefing on the trip.




The Itinerary

We fly into Bangkok (naturally) where we will have lots of time to get adjusted to a). the incredibly hot & humid weather and b). Thai culture and lifestyle. In the first few days, we’ll get time to meet the team,

ThaiMapdo some good old fashioned shopping on Khao San road, visit the floating markets and the city, then we take an overnight train north to Chiang Mai. We’ve never been to Chiang Mai before so we’re soooo stoked to see it. Supposedly it’s less ‘touristy’ and more beautiful than the main islands that we’ve come to know so well. While there, we’ll visit some cool temples, play with tigers and probably ride some elephants (you gotta ride elephants).

After Chiang Mai, we fly to Koh Samui for a little fun-in-the-sun island hopping. We’re spending most of our time and Koh Tao (our favourite). Koh Tao is famous for its scuba diving and snorkeling, so we’re gonna bring out the GoPros and any waterproof equipment we’ve got. We’ve snorkeled here before and can say firsthand, it is a spectacular sight to see. After on Koh Samui we’ve finished fooling around on the islands, we head back to Bangkok for a few more days with the group. We will have our farewell dinner and say goodbye to the gang.


The Plan

We will arrive in Bangkok about a week early. We are going to spend some time looking into getting some new clothes made (our tanks are currently made in Bangkok) and well likely check out some of our favourite bars along the way 🙂
From the 18th to the 27th, we will be with Contiki doing the tour of a lifetime. Stay posted for awesome videos.
Then after the tour, we will spend another week on our own to finish up any business we haven’t tended to, and most of all, edit footage. We’re gone a total of 25 days, and we are going to have some serious fun.