10 Reasons to Date a Well Travelled Man

10 Reasons to Date a Well Travelled Man

Please note: This article is written by a man and is directed towards women, that doesn’t mean that it can’t be directed to another man, or from a woman’s perspective to a man, or a woman to another woman… one love people!

1. He knows what makes you beautiful

A man who’s been around the world has undoubtedly witnessed people from all walks of life. By seeing, hearing, and experiencing the various colours, shapes, sizes, and ethnicities that humans come in, he has created his own lexicon of beauty on a global scale, and knows exactly why you’re the right one for him.

True Beauty Lies Within

2. He’s got street smarts and can protect you

While learning how to get out of sticky situations when travelling, like when someone’s trying to cheap you, charge you too much, rob you, or even hurt you, you learn a special set of tools that are used, even unconsciously, throughout the rest of your life. Like hanging out with Spider Man, it’s always nice to know your Peter Parker will keep you safe and protect you in troubled times.

Having fun with the popo


3. He’ll appreciate even your worst cooking

If he’s tasted the worlds different flavours, his pallet will have a level of respect for all types of food and cooking, including the stuff that’s gross. When you understand the love that goes into cooking, you appreciate it.  So even if your meal is burnt, too salty, or looks like something that just died on the street… it doesn’t matter because he’s probably had worse and he appreciates the energy and love you put into it.

Not your average egg

4. He can ride a motorcycle

Many of the world’s countries use motorcycles and scooters as their primary mode of transport.  So there’s a pretty decent chance, if he’s been around the globe, he’s ventured on one before. And even if he’s only been on a scooter, the thought of a motorcycle ride to the beach with your hair blowing in the wind sounds pretty sexy doesn’t it?

Real men can ride

5. He respects people’s differences

Travel forces you to be mindful of the diversity of people, and the different ways people choose to live. You inherently understand that just because people live differently than you, that does not make your way of living right. When seeing some of the poorest people in the world, living happier and more meaningful lives than people back home, you gain for respect and admiration for that culture’s values.

Having fun with a Cambodian Security Guard

6. He’s good with money

If he’s well-travelled, he should know the fundamentals of saving money, which can be used for lots of important things down the road, like saving for a mortgage, a ring, a baby stroller, etc. A well-travelled man knows how to budget his spending and make his dollar run further.

Dolla Dolla Bills y'all!

7. He loves adventure

Nobody likes a couch potato.  Someone who’s travelled most likely has a passion for fun activities and won’t let you get bored.  Whether he’s an adrenaline junkie, an outdoorsman, or someone who likes to try crazy and new things, you’ll be set to tick off a few “never have I evers” before you die.

Repelling a waterfall in Damauli

8. He can hold a decent conversation with just about anybody

While learning about cultures around the world, you’re tested by unknown languages and are continuously communicating with people you’ve only just met. This is a great tool when he meets your parents and your girlfriends who are ready to jump on him to analyze his values and morals.

Making friends in Vietnam

9. He’s easy going and low maintenance

As anyone who’s travelled can attest, sometimes you just have to go with flow and let things roll along on their own accord. You can’t always be in control of the food you eat, where and when you get to sleep, or the atmosphere of things around you. The ability to live low maintenance and not high strung, is imperative to one’s happiness… especially when you commit yourself to another person.

Getting some down time

10. He understands what’s really important in life

When you see people who have next to no possessions, but live in absolute abundance of happiness and love, it forces you to check in with your own understanding of reality and what’s actually important in life. Knowing that there are people who live with a completely different set of values than you, can often open up doors that you didn’t even know were there.  In a relationship, it’s up to both of you to determine what is most important.

Arm Wrestle in a Cambodian Elementary School

If You Can You Should
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