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Tigers Eye is known for holding powerful protective properties, as such, this is an incredibly helpful gemstone to have on you while exploring foreign lands. Protection not only veers away negative energies, but also helps guide you through your adventures safely with fierce internal strength.

Clear Quartz is known for balancing and harmonizing energy. The healing property of creating harmony is very helpful while finding peace in chaotic surrounding. This is done through storing, releasing, and regulating the energies around you. This gemstone is very practical for new adventurers to feel at peace with their ever changing environments.

Hematite, also known as “the blood stone”, holds immense calming and grounding properties. While exploring the world, exposed to new and unpredictable surroundings, the need for stability in your emotions and a clear mind is crucial. Use it’s powerful healing properties to keep you grounded on your travels, and find balance through the body, mind, and spirit.

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